, customizable extension information

Accelerated adoption of new technologies by farmers can only be accomplished through an integrated approach. We propose to combine partial solutions from multiple disciplines through the expansion of our web-based application, Research questions will focus on knowledge gaps to drive content integration and our ability to connect new knowledge to stakeholders. We will target two production phases where decision-making is integral to farm-level optimization: preplant and postemergence. Consequently, myFields can help in the transition towards “big data” by linking farmer data with crop models to optimize farming operations. myFields provides an efficient method to push content to users when and where they need it, refined further by variety grown, planting date, and growth stage. Efficient delivery of management information to stakeholders is accomplished by simply asking who? when? and where? These simple inquiries streamline communication by disseminating content in a meaningful way. To meet food production needs globally, agricultural outputs need to increase more than 70%. This open-source, Extension-based application will provide farmers with customized, science-based, support tools to improve farm optimization practices. is currently supported by several state, regional and national funding agencies (e.g., Kansas Crop Improvement Association, Kansas Wheat Commission, Southwestern IPM Center, USDA-AFRI, etc.).