Graduate Student

Grace Craigie

Grace Craigie is a graduate student at Kansas State University working towards a MS in entomology under Dr. Brian McCornack. She received a BS in Biology at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. Her interest in entomology developed from a love of plant biology and plant-insect interactions.

Stephen Losey

Stephen is a graduate student working toward a PhD in entomology at Kansas State University under the direction of Dr. Brian McCornack (Field Crop Entomologist and Extension Specialist). He received a B.S. degree in Insect Science in 2012 from The University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Stephen also received a M.S. degree from Kansas State University in 2015. Stephen knew he wanted to be an entomologist from day one.

Shelly Wiggam

Shelly Wiggam is a Popenoe Fellow and PhD student at Kansas State University majoring in Entomology. Her research focuses on native pollinator responses to rangeland management practices throughout the Central Great Plains. Specifically, her research aims to realize management practices that restore pollinator diversity while maintaining landowner profitability and functionality. Shelly conducts substantial outreach to federal and state agency employees, NGO directors and preserve managers, and private landowner coalition groups.