Graduate Student

Ryan Schmid

Ryan is a graduate student working toward a PhD in entomology at Kansas State University under the direction of Dr. Brian McCornack (Field Crop Entomologist and Extension Specialist). He received B.S. degrees in Biology and Microbiology in 2011 from South Dakota State University. Ryan also received an M.S. degree from South Dakota State University in Biology in 2014. Ryan first became interested in entomology while working for Dr.

Alice Harris

Alice is currently a PhD candidate in the entomology department at Kansas State University. Growing up around agriculture, she became interested in understanding the biology and behavior of pest populations, primarily in livestock. Alice started her masters program at Sul Ross State University in 2009, and soon realized her research interests were centered on the factors pertaining to insect biogeography. She began her thesis research by studying ectoparasites of mammals, focusing particularly on domesticated livestock.