Undergraduate Researcher

Brendan Gundy

Brendan is an undergraduate pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Kansas State University. After college he hopes to find a career in either the aerospace or automotive industries. Brendan is a member of the Kansas State Formula Sae racing team working with brake design and manufacturing. During his free time he enjoys rock climbing and doing things outside. Brendan is interested in the ongoing research in the lab dealing with Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) and the ways in which this technology can benefit growers.

Dylan Kraus

Dylan just completed his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and graduated in May of 2015. He works in Dr. McCornack’s Lab as an undergraduate research assistant. This position has required him to assist in various experimental protocols, perform data collection, and routine organization and (maintenance) of the laboratory and greenhouse areas. In 2012 he began leading the “Aphid Image Counter” project.

Chris Miertschin

Chris is finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Instrumental Music Education at Kansas State University. In the lab, Chris assists with various graduate student projects, including Alice Harris’ work with Dectes texanus and Ryan Schmid’s work with the Hessian fly. Some projects have included collecting Dectes samples from soybean fields across Kansas, examining soybean stalks for signs of infestation, and bee identification. Working in the lab has greatly expanded Chris’ knowledge of insects and how they can affect plant life.