Mobile technologies and natural enemies

This project, "Using Mobile Technologies to Forecast and Track Natural Enemy Effectiveness on Cereal Aphids in Changing Landscapes" was funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The overarching goal of this project was to expand the accessibility of existing pest management tools by using smartphone technologies and other sophisticated yet accessible devices to develop a wide-area monitoring and management system to account for changes in land use and bioenergy demands. Our specific objectives were to: 1) determine if predicting level of biocontrol effectiveness is feasible in Kansas wheat, and 2) update existing sampling recommendations to include an accessible web module for wheat stakeholders. This benefits producers by streamlining management decisions and reducing unwarranted insecticide use. The advantage of is the real-time dissemination of sampling recommendations to wheat stakeholders using mobile technologies (e.g. data phones). Results from this work were implemented in the web application. A user can plant a crop and based on the location of the field can get an biocontrol index.