iWheat.org Decision Support System

The iWheat.org web application provided an effective platform to reach a wide range of interested parties including Extension agents, crop consultants, and wheat producers. It also provided the foundation for the multi-commodity site, myFields.info. The development of the iWheat site was part of a multi-state effort (USDA-Risk Avoidance and Mitigation Program) funded through the USDA that works to facilitate a long-term, area-wide management program for wheat in the Great Plains. Our overall goal was to provide free tools and resources to enhance the adoption of low-risk integrated pest management tactics. Furthermore, the iWheat cyberinfrastructure (open access, Drupal content management) facilitated easy integration of new materials generated from your project. This included the integration of a weed management blog, fact sheets, wild oat management guides, diagnostic pictures/descriptions, and instructional/educational videos of wild oat management.