Our objective is to provide wheat producers a mobile-friendly interactive diagnostic key f
The overall goal of this module is to connect growers with foundation seed dealers via a w
The Sorghum Headworm Decision Support System is provided as a tool for sorghum producers,
This myFields.info module aims to provide the Kansas and Oklahoma Crop Improvement Associa
The ability to reliably and simply assess a pest population is critical to delivering an e
Accelerated adoption of new technologies by farmers can only be accomplished through an in
The goal of this project was to expand our electronic trapping and monitoring system in Ka
The soybean aphid (Aphis glycines Matsumura) is a native pest of soybean in eastern Asia a
Our team focuses on new technologies for surveillance and monitoring organisms that threat
North American rangelands are managed primarily for livestock production, yet they have en
The Hessian fly, Mayetiola destructor, is a major pest of wheat, reducing yields in many o
The subject of this proposal is research and outreach on the soybean aphid, Aphis glycines
Sustainability of the nation’s bioenergy feedstock production relies on selection and plac
This project, "Using Mobile Technologies to Forecast and Track Natural Enemy Effectiveness
Several lepidopteran species infest developing panicles. Larval identification is challeng
The iWheat.org web application provided an effective platform to reach a wide range of int
Focus of this Kansas Corn Commission grant is to develop an automated scouting tool that w
Infestations of the soybean stem borer, Dectes texanus, were first reported in Edwards, Ba
The goal of this multi-state project is to reduce losses from mite-vectored virus diseases
Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) programs are designed to provide graduate-level cl