Undergraduate Researcher

Nate Brown

Nate Brown is a Kansas State University undergraduate with a major in biological systems engineering and a minor in food science. He is a research assistant that has helped with various projects such as Alice Harris' project examining Dectes dispersal in soybean field by gathering data using sweep nets. Nate also helps graduate student Ryan Schmid with Hessian fly research by planting wheat flats and transporting Hessian flies to infest the flats.

Carrie Cummings

Carrie is currently an undergraduate student in the College of Arts and Sciences perusing a Life Sciences major. She is an undergraduate research assistant for the graduate students in the lab and also assists other lab personnel with various projects and tasks. During the past summer, Carrie spent much of her time at work in the soybean fields of Scandia, KS, collecting data for PhD candidate Alice Harris. She also assisted in NDVI data collection and processing. In the laboratory, she works to process the data collected over the summer and assists in running ELISA tests with Alice.